What The Iranian Papers Suggest: Iran’s Reaction to US Congressmen’s Letter to Obama; The Possible List of Rouhani’s Cabinet; Human Rights Defender Or Slaveholder?

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1Sharq (reformist) covered recent flooding of boats in the coast of Indonesia and Australia as some of them were Iranians. Australia used to be a favorite destination for immigrants, but there are still people who get to the island to find out that they’re being moved to an island far away to stay in refugee camps. They will stay there in bad conditions for years without knowing their fate. People in these camps are usually forgotten by Australia so they start rioting.

Since August 2012, Australia changed its laws to crack down on illegal immigrants. Some weren’t lucky enough to reach the coast of Australia; Many boats leaving from Malaysia capsized and dozens were killed in the past years. A source told Sharq that 70% of these immigrants are Iranians. 26 thousand immigrants entered Australia in the past year.

ArmanArman (reformist) which is close to the Hashemi Rafsanjani gave its speculations about the future cabinet of Hassan Rouhani.The list includes:

Vice president: Eshagh Jahangiri, A former MP and ex-Minister of Mining. Oil Minister: Hossein Kazempour, former trade Minister.

The minister of Intelligence: Dr. Mohsen Qomi, the deputy head of international relations department of Iran’s supreme leader’s office.

Former minister of intelligence Dr. Ali Younesi for the Interior Ministry.
For Foreign Ministery, Arman says Iran’s former ambassador in UN Dr. Mohammad-Javad Zarif has the most chance.
Mohammad Foroozande the defense minister under Hashemi Rafsanjani’s administration also suggested as the possible secretary of Iran’s National Security Council.

Larijani: Current So-Called Human Rights Defenders are Former Slaveholders!

EtemadEtemad (reformist) printed latest remarks by Chief of Judiciary system Ayatollah Amoli Larijani about the western civilizations 150 years ago. in a meeting with the Human Rights council of Iran’s judiciary, Larijani said on Tuesday that those who claim to be the defenders of human rights, used to slave people of color 150 years ago. Even now they are violating human rights. Islam taught us respecting human dignity 1400 years ago.



IranIran (the government’s newspaper) made an interview with Iranian MP Hussein Naqavi about the recent letter of 131 members of the US congress to Obama to urge diplomacy with Iran. He said it’s a positive move but US foreign policy is highly affected by the Zionist regime and US is only after imposing their own will. Obstacles between Iran and US relations are very deep and the talks by themselves won’t help alleviating the situation. We see the increasing sanctions by US every day and this is not a good message they’re giving.