NBA Player Warming up in Iran for Strong Return To Philadelphia 76ers

Nasim– NBA is not the best I have ever dreamed about in basketball, said Arsalan Kazemi Naeini, Iranian professional basketball player who has been the first Iranian to be drafted into the 2013 NBA League.

In an interview with Nasim’s English service, Kazemi said he chose to follow his basketball career in an Iranian team as advised by his Philadelphia 76ers coach who believed he could nurture in the sport best by playing the most he can.
However, he said, his coach has asked Kazemi to return to the Philadelphia 76ers to reach his desired state and then return to Philadelphia to sign a long-term contract.
“I have had some personal dialogues with my coach; and I know pretty well what I’m doing here,” Kazemi said about his recent decisions.
He said he thought his stay in Iran would be a mutual opportunity for him and Iran’s basketball league. “In the US many are still unaware of Iran’s basketball team. This is a chance for me to show them that Iran’s league is the best one in Asia.”

Kazemi has just accepted an offer from Petroshimi team in Iran’s basketball league from among a torrent of offers from national teams.

Speaking with Nasim, he said perfection is his utmost dream in the sport and would do whatever it takes to reach his dream and help his team win.

“I don’t consider short-term issues. I could have stayed with Philadelphia 76ers a year more, but the team’s technical manager believed it would be best for me to keep playing as much as I can,” he said explaining his reason for joining an Iranian team.

“I was happy with my plays in Philadelphia but I believe I can be much better. For me, the winning of my team is important because it is a team work. I would do anything to win,” he said.

Arsalan Kazemi Naeini is an Iranian professional basketball player. He played his college basketball for the Oregon Ducks and the Rice Owls basketball teams. He was the 54th overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft by the Washington Wizards, becoming the first Iranian to be drafted into the league. Soon afterwards, Kazemi was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.

He was the captain of the Iranian under-18 national basketball team and has previously played for Zob Ahan Isfahan in the Iranian Basketball Super League at the age of 17 before travelling to the United States in February 2008.